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About Us

Southern Nevada Chess is a Club with a Mission

Last year in Clark County, over 15,000 students were identified as homeless, living with friends or family members, in hotels, in a shelter, or even in vehicles. Many young people utilize school as their safe haven, relying on the warmth of the buildings, the free lunch provided, and the distraction of the learning environment to make it through the day. However, once the weekend comes, there is no where to escape to where youth can receive a nutritious meal while bonding in a positive way with their peers. We want to change that.

Chess has shown to provide a variety of benefits to children who play it, including increased critical thinking skills, memory, and problem solving ability. It has shown to help with creativity and can even aid the in the prevention of Alzheimer's as those who play get older. However, it's not widely played in schools or promoted to students. Our goal is to take Chess and create a platform where we can teach youth the game while other needs such as providing nutritious meals and clothing or school supply assistance. 

We want to keep youth engaged and off the streets by offering free Chess lessons, local tournaments with prizes, paid US Chess Club Federation Memberships, and paid opportunities to go to away tournaments when they play hard and qualify to do so. We want to change their lives by changing their lives and you can help. Check out our "Get Involved Link" for volunteer opportunities, current needs of the chess club and more.